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Our standard salad range is available year-round, we are constantly trialling new varieties and blends and introducing them to market. Our salad range and blends are customisable to meet your consumers’ needs, we have a leaf menu available for you to design custom blends.

* Salad Mix Red Coral, Green Coral, Endive, Radiccio, Minuet, Green Oak, Red Baby Cos, Spinach, Rocket, Tatsoi, Mizuna, Red Leg, Red Oak, Red Velvet.
** Supamix A minimum 3 Leaf combination of either Red Oak, Green Oak, Red Coral, Green Coral, Green Beet, Mizuna, Spinach.

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Our vegetable range changes from season to season subject to consumer demand and market trends. Please get in touch to learn more about what produce will be selected in our upcoming vegetable range.Tripod Farmers can grow produce to order, so please tell us what you need and we will strive to deliver it.