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Our Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee is
something you can rely on.

Our quality assurance department uses the following processes to ensure all our produce is fresh and meets the highest quality standards:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Monitoring and Verification Activities
  • Staff Training Programs
  • Management of Quality Critical Point (QCP)
  • Management of Control Point (CP), Critical Control Point (CCP)
  • Quality System Validation by our HACCP/Crisis Management Team
quality assurance team performing technical research and monitoring

In addition, our Quality Assurance Team performs technical research and monitors industry innovation studies to ensure we maintain an up-to-date understanding of customer supply chain requirements.We have implemented a Quality Management System which ensures the best possible processes are used from field through to delivery.

We have a purpose-built, state-of-the-art processing plant which exceeds all Quality Requirements and guarantees that only the best possible produce leaves our facilities. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks means our customers receive quality fresh produce – on time, every time.

Our customer quality performance record is excellent, meaning you will always have our produce on your shelf, maximising your sales potential.

Tripod Farmers follows responsible sourcing practices. We actively source products and services in an ethical, sustainable, and socially conscious way.