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Cool Chain System

Cool chain management is critical as it maintains the shelf life, appearance and taste of our produce.

We manage our produce very closely through our cool chain system.

We maintain the optimal temperature of produce through the harvest, production, storage and transportation phases in the following ways:

We ensure that our system is regularly validated through:

  • Quality checks and control points
  • Temperature probing before and after transport
  • Regular monitoring and calibration of our equipment
  • Cool room temperature warning lights and alarms
  • Transportation satellite temperature tracking and traceability
Our investment into cool chain management has been significant and one of the key factors of our success in delivering consistently reliable quality produce.
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Once harvested our product is immediately transported to a temperature controlled environment, spending minimal time exposed to natural elements.


Our product is washed through refrigerated tanks within the production line, packed immediately to maintain core temperature.


Our product is housed in one of our many commercial grade cool rooms. We have back up refrigeration units available at all times.


Our rear dock loading system has been engineered and designed to maintain ultimate temperature when loading trucks from the cool rooms.