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Laser-focused on Greener Growth

At Tripod Farmers, our passion for innovation drives us to constantly seek out cutting-edge solutions for sustainable farming.

We are thrilled to welcome the Carbon Robotics™ LaserWeeder™—a groundbreaking technology that revolutionised weed control, promotes sustainable practices, and secures a prosperous future for generations to come.

The LaserWeeder™ employs computer vision and AI deep learning models to distinguish weeds from crops in real time. High-powered lasers then eliminate the weeds without disrupting the soil. This method lowers farming costs, increases crop yield, and enhances soil health—all without the need for hand labour, chemical herbicides, or mechanical soil disruption.

  • AI Precision Weed Control
    Using advanced AI and lasers, the LaserWeeder™ targets weeds with sub-millimetre accuracy, reducing the need for manual labour and herbicides.
  • Enhanced Crop Yield and Quality
    By preserving soil microbiology and minimising chemical usage, the LaserWeeder™ promotes healthier, more robust crops, creating a safer environment.
  • Sustainable & Efficient
    Operating 24/7, this innovation reduces labour costs and is ideal for organic farming, supporting our commitment to environmentally friendly practices.
  • Certified Organic and Environmentally Friendly
    A vital tool in our journey towards sustainable and organic farming.

Unmatched Performance:

The Future of Weed Control

The LaserWeeder™ can eliminate up to 300,000 weeds per hour with pinpoint accuracy, effortlessly covering 2 acres per hour at 1 MPH. Whether it's day or night, rain or shine, the LaserWeeder™ is always ready to work, ensuring our salads are always in tip-top condition.

Equipped with 30 CO2 lasers, 9 LED lighting bars, and 12 high-resolution cameras, our LaserWeeder™ uses advanced AI models to handle over 100 different crops. Its smart design features a liftable weeding implement with a 20-foot coverage width, adjustable row spacing, and a front-mounted, PTO-driven generator, making it perfectly adaptable to our farming needs. This cutting-edge technology ensures that our fields remain weed-free, promoting healthier and more productive crops.