With its broad healing powers and cancer preventing qualities, Watercress is a welcome addition to the table all year round. Watercress is so much more than a garnish and can add colour, flavour and goodness to almost any meal.

Flavour and texture

Watercress is renowned for its peppery, tangy flavour. It has crunchy stems and dark green leaves.

Health benefits

When it comes to health benefits Watercress is consideredĀ a super-food. Low calorie and vitamin rich, Watercress contains moreĀ vitamin C than oranges, more vitamin E than broccoli, more calcium than whole milk and more iron than spinach. Watercress also assists with growth and development, immunity, healthy vision, hair, skin, nails, bones and teeth.

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Cooking and Food pairing

Watercress is best eaten raw or very lightly steamed as exposure to heat causes it to loose its healthy benefits.

Add to salads, sandwiches, stir fries and soups. Watercress is very versatile, but pairs particularly well with sweet fruits.